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We are at your service with more than
64 languages!

Business Consultation

Our mission is to make the world's information and make it accessible to everyone by transforming and empowering words, regardless of which language they speak.

We enable people to understand your content in their own language at any time.

Our goal is always the same, to deliver high-quality language solution services to ensure that our clients fully engage their audiences around the world, no matter the platform, language, or media type.

Our Company Principles

The experience and expertise of our high-performing management team enable us to deliver excellent quality solutions for our client's diverse needs by tailoring our services according to technical requirements and the culture of the target language!

We only work with the best!

Our 3-phased testing process that is designed specially customized

for each of the service areas that we serve our clients,

guarantees that we work with top-notch language experts.

We only want the best for your content!

Business People Applauding

Meerkat Academy

Meerkat Academy is a special platform that we provide to all our team members and through this platform, we provide guidelines, video recordings, and live training to all our new recruits and keep them up-to-date about style guidelines and company policies.

Each team member gets their own access to this platform.
For each specialization, we offer free training and consulting for our new recruits and we help them on their way to perfectionism

and high-performance.

Would you like to have more information about us?

If you are an investor or just would like to have more detailed information about our Meerkat Co. team, you can download our Company Profile

by clicking the button below!

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