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Would you like

to be a part of

our freelance translators' team? 

Our team operates in a diverse global environment to close communication gaps and support clients on their globalization journey. The strength of our company comes from diversity, equality, understanding, motivation, transparency and collaboration. These are the principles that make our team great!

We are constantly expanding our linguist pool and searching for enthusiastic translators, interpreters, transcriptionists

and language experts to join our team and serve with a commitment

to the satisfaction of the client.

We prefer to describe our hiring process

due to our company's transparency policy.

Our Hiring Process

All our team members, whether they are freelancers or in-house employees, will operate under Non-Disclosure Agreement and Independent Service Provider Contract. These documents are prepared according to the international legal standards and their goal is to protect the interest of all parties.

After signing the necessary documents, we will execute a three-phased proficiency test according to the position you applied. This test will allow us to determine the bad apples, so to speak. 

After the evaluation of this proficiency test, we will start your on-boarding process according to your results and continue with your training period. When the training period is over, you will get your first task and we'll guide you through in your first few tasks to get you started!

Would you like to be a part of our international translators' team?

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